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‘BLOOMING lovely’

Bluebells at Rannerdale

‘BLOOMING lovely’ is the only way to describe the fantastic spread of bluebells to be found at some of Cumbria Wildlife Trust’s nature reserves this spring As the natural world awakens from an unpredictable and challenging winter, it is a great time to step out onto the sapphire speckled woodland floor and revel in this annual bluebell display.

Appearing at a time of year when colour and light return to the Cumbrian landscape after the winter, bluebells have many magical and romantic associations.

Among other nicknames, they are sometimes known as ‘fairy bells’.Legend has it fairies are summoned by bluebells ringing, but any human unlucky enough to hear the tinkling should consider their days numbered.

For those who are tempted out by their mythical qualities, but are not sure where to go to take in the beautiful blues, help is at hand. Cumbria Wildlife Trust has a number of nature reserves that offer stunning displays. South of the county close to Staveley is Dorothy Farrer’s Spring Wood nature reserve. Bluebells carpet this wood in spring and it is a sight not to missed. Why not make a day of it and walk from Staveley along the river? Don’t forget to stop in for tea or a pint at the Mill Yard on your return! Bluebells flower in April and May, so make sure you don’t miss them!

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